Save The Animals!

Feb 21 , 2022

Save The Animals!

Sometimes we can be home with our babies and run out of ideas for games and activities for our little one! Here we are going to post many ideas for fun activities very easy to prepare and with materials, we all have in our home more or less!  

We begin with a very easy but super fun activity, for babies over 8 month old: 

In a smooth surface, like the carpet, the floor or the wall, tape their favorite animals. 

The only think you have to do next it is to watch your baby set free the imprisoned animals! 

It is a very fun game that also helps with the fine motor skills, hand - eye coordination and also intrigues the problem solving decisions - Which animal should I release first - How I will manage to do so?

We can even reinforce the speeking skills and the vocabulary, as we name the animals and where are they - up, down, higher, lower!

We always have to be very cearfull, not to put our babies the used tape in their mouth!

Have Fun!!


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